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Monday, January 14, 2013

Christians, ChristianPatriots, and Patriots need to make a decision Jeremiah 29:11

Key word: The day of academic study is over, the real world has arrived.

Today we are going to be in Jeremiah. But first I want you to be aware of something. For years there has been a raging academic debate on when we, the Church, the Bride of Christ, can shoot back or initiate the shooting. There are those who say that we, the true Born Again Washed in the Blood of the Lamb Christians, cannot lose our salvation, so we can both start the shooting and retaliate if shot at, there are others that say we can respond but not initiate, there are still others who say turn the other cheek regardless, that there is no justification or allowance in God's word for taking a life.

Up until now, the argument, discussion if you would, has been all academic. For until now, it had nothing to do with Salvation, only something to discuss, something to divide the church over. Well, my dear Brothers and Sisters, the day of academic debate is over, for the debate has now moved into the real world with very real consequences for making the wrong decision(s). Now it is a salvation issue. For you see, over the past week or so, the US G0vernment has assassinated Patriots.

On Friday, January 4, the owner of Noveske Rifleworks, 36-year-old John Noveske, was killed in a single-vehicle accident on Highway 260 in Oregon.

According to the Oregon State Police, at approximately 9:13 p.m., the Toyota Land Cruiser driven by Noveske left the road near El Camino Way, and slammed into two boulders. The vehicle rolled and Noveske was ejected. He was pronounced dead at the scene. It was first reported that he died from a single gunshot to the head. His company primarily produced customized AR-15s for the Patriot community.

Only a day earlier, the lifeless body of 32-year-old Keith Ratliff was found at FPS Industries in Franklin County, Ga., just outside of Carnesville. He had been shot once in the head, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The death was ruled a homicide, not a suicide as some in the Maine Stream media tried to portray it.

Ratliff's brother Kelly, said, and this is important folks, : "For him not to pull out that gun and try to defend himself, he had to feel comfortable around somebody. Either that or he was ambushed."

Even more disturbing, the website has reported that Ratliff was tied to a chair and shot in the back of the head.

The foreign press is reporting that a Putin briefing by the KGB, claimed that the US now has 800 assassination teams that will be turned loose sometime around or after February 22 fo this year on a specific link of Patriots.


So, where does that leave us?

Where does it leave the Christian man who is part of the 1% or the ChristianPatriots who are one of the one or three percent, or the Patriot who is part of the 1 or 3%? Well first we need to understand who makes up this 1% and 3%.

There are, in the USA today, counting illegals, about 330 million people, about a third of a billion people. Of that 330,000,000 there are about 100,000,000 that own or have direct access to a gun or guns, most living in rural areas with the next largest group living in urban areas.

Of that one hundred million that have or have direct access to a gun or guns, about 1%, will, if the g0vt comes for their guns, fight back, hide their guns, and become fighters against the g0vt, using all means at their disposals including covert and sniper killings. This 1% will be the direct warriors, they are the ones that will fight. Then there are the 3 percent, they are the ones who will directly support the 1percent. They are the folks that will have a safe shelter for the 1%, will leave food for them, ammo for them, information for them, hide them, employ them, care for their families in the event they are killed or captured.

Then there are the 96% of gun owners who will simply surrender to the g0vt and either register, turn in, or sell their guns to the g0vt.

If you read Judges chapter seven you will find that Gideon started with over 30,000 men, God leaned it down to 300 fighters, about 1%. During our first Revolutionary war, only 1% were there to do the long hard fighting that started months before Valley Forge. Some 3% could be counted on to truly support them at the cost of risking their lives. So do not underestimate what that one percent of gun owners, the 1 million armed, trained, dedicated and supported men can do.

There will rapidly come a time that while the Secret Service will be able to protect the President in the White House, he will not dare leave his gilded cage except in carefully controlled circumstances. Even then he will be forced to move like a criminal. He will never be seen outdoors in public again. Not in this country. (This has already started happening Obama never goes out in public any more, he goes to Camp David, Hawaii, and overseas, but other than that he is the white house.)

The 535 members of the House and Senate in both parties that allow a law or executive order to pass that would start the gun confiscation, would largely be on their own; the Secret Service is too small to protect all of them and their families, the Capitol Police too unskilled, and local, county and state police not particularly interested in working against their own best interests and putting their families at risk. The elites will be steadily whittled down, and if they can not be reached directly, the targets will become their staffers, spouses, children, and grandchildren. Grandstanding talking heads and others in the media loyal to the regime would die in droves, executed as enemies of the Republic.

You can expect congressional staffs to disintegrate after just a few shootings, and expect elected officials themselves to resign well before a quarter of their number are eliminated, leaving us with a boxed-in executive, and his loyalists . Military regime loyalists, and whatever State Governors who put their loyalty in the regime instead of the obeying the People will find themselves targeted as well.

When that point comes, Obama or who ever replaces him will doubtlessly order the activation of National Guard units and the regular military to impose martial law, setting the largest and most powerful military in the world against its own people. Unfortunately, the tighter the President clinches his tyrannical fist, the more rebels he makes.

Military commands and federal agencies will be whittled down as servicemen and agents will desert or defect. Some may leave as individuals, others may join the Rebellion in squad and larger-sized units with all their weapons, tactics, skills, and insider intelligence. The regime will be unable to trust its own people, and because they cannot trust them, they will lose more in a vicious cycle of collapse.

Some of these defectors will be true "commanders" with the command skills and background to turn ragtag militia cells into the kind of forces that decimate loyalist troops, allowing them no rest and no respite, striking them when they are away from their most potent weapons. Military vehicles are formidable, but they are thirsty beasts, in terms of fuel, ammo, time, and maintenance. Tanks and bombers are formidable only when they have gas, guns, and can be maintained. In a war without a front, logistics are incredibly easy to destroy, and mechanics and supply clerks are not particularly adept at defending equipment or themselves.

Eventually, the government will turn upon itself. The President will be captured or perhaps killed by his own protectors. A federation of states, not union, but a federation of states will result. A federation that is built upon Articles Nine and Ten of the Bill of Rights, a federation where never again can a Clinton, Roosevelt, Carter, Bush or Obama have dictorial powers over the states again.

So, what to do, for the Patriot who is not a Christian, the decision are easy, lock, load, go hunting.

But for the Christian and the ChristianPatriot, the decision(s) is more difficult, for we do not serve the father of lies, deceit, and murder, we serve the living God, the God who sacrificed Himself as The Son, to offer His Blood to wash us of our sins and give us the only path to salvation. So, it is His word we look to, to find our path, and I am not going to do that for you. This decision is to important, you must search the bible yourself for the answers. These answers are to important to use one of those commentaries that so many try to pass off as Bibles, it is time to get, if you are not already using one, the 1611 KJV and find what God will have you do.

Will He have you be part of the 1%? Will He direct you to be part of the 3%? Or will you be instructed to be part of the 97%? If you are part of the unarmed 230,000,000 your task is even more difficult, for first you need find out if God wants you to be part of the 100,000,000.

Now let us look at the word of God, yesterday Jim Marstaller brought up and important verse, a verse that he was made aware of by a Messianic Rabbi, Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

On first reading you ask yourself, what has this got to do with what God will have me do? Welcome to the club, for when Jim first read it, that is exactly what I thought, "What in the world has this to do with anything?"

Then he explained, as the Rabbi had explained it to him. Picture yourself in a row boat, you are rowing the boat. Notice which way you are looking. You are not looking where you are going, you are looking back. You are rowing in the direction you are not looking. That is the way it is with Christians, we are going forward, but are always looking back to Christ. We are letting God set our path, our course, and our destination. And that men, is exactly what you must do as you study God's word to find out what HE wants you to do since the feds have fired the first shot and we are being dragged in.

While I am not going to give you answers, You have in Jeremiah 2:11 the perfect study pattern, keep your eyes on God, He is in the back seat of your row boat directing you, giving you direction and setting your course and destination, if you will let Him Here is a place to start your study, again it will not make up your mind for you it will only give you something to focus on. Can a Born Again Christian use deadly force and if so, under what set of circumstances

May the Lord God, The Creator of the universe be with you, guide you, instruct you, and give you the strength, the courage, to do what He would have you do. Amen.

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Sometime in the not too distant future I want to talk to you men in the Militias, about Luke 20:25 and Matthew 24:24.

Lord, make my faith as that which I perceive the Samaritans to have had. Amen.

As you ponder today's Scripture, ponder also your own relationship with Christ. Are you a Samaritan or are you a Galilean?

Lord give us eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart attuned to Your word.

Men, let us strive to be men who follow Christ, and pray our wives will, as Peter's and Abraham's wives did, simply follow.

Nai erchomai Kurios Iesous.

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