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If it be God's will, send a check. Friday January 24th, 2003

I never ask for money, as a matter of fact, in recent years, I have turned down money. But, this is different. About two weeks ago, I had breakfast with a dear brother who is a 74 year old pastor. At that time I told him that I had asked the Lord for 10,000 acres in East Stoneham, Maine. He didn't laugh, he didn't scorn, instead he asked me if I was prepared to be turned down. I said yes. He then asked if I was prepared to pray and be patient, I said yes. We then prayed and had breakfast.

This would be a good time for you to go to goggle or some other search engine and find East Stoneham, Maine. You need to look at a map, for there are no 10,000 acre pieces of land in East Stoneham, other than that owned by the US Government as part of the White Mountains National Parks System. So, in essence what I was asking God for doesn't exist.

On Route Five in East Stoneham is a lake called Keewaydin, the road is on the south side of the lake, looking north, north east, across the lake is a 188 acre piece of land that backs up to well over 10,000 acres of White Mountain National Forest land. That 188 acres is for sale, it also has about six or seven feet of water front on the lake, maybe. The asking price for the land is $125,000.

I would like to have that land for a Christian family retreat. An area where a Christian family can come, put up there tent and spend the week for $25. A place where Christian families can get away without it costing two arms and a leg. A place where Christian boys can run and play in the woods. A place where, to get in, the head of the family would have to submit his statement of faith in the Lord Jesus, the Christ.

This would be a place where young Christian men could bring their wives and children for a week or two. Without having to worry about the cost or about their kids being corrupted by the world. A place where Christian families can get away from the horrors of the world for a while. With 188 acres, each family could easily find a place where there was no one within a thousand feet.

I need money, or actually what I need is for someone to say, "I will give you access to 125 thousand dollars till you sell your house and get permanent financing on the 188 acres." I also need an old but running back hoe, a bulldozer, dump truck and cement mixer. And a really nice thing to get would be emails saying, "my family and I would like a space this summer for a week of two".

Mostly, like always, I need your prayers. Your prayers that this is God's will and not mine, that He will let me do this for Him.

The Land is listed by the Dutton Real Estate Agency in Lovell, Maine and I will be going to see a Christian broker by the name of Joyce Boos, Boos Realty in Bridgton, Maine later this morning to have her help me put together and offer.

Lord Jesus, I think this is what You want me to do, if it is, please make it come true, if it isn't, please take it out of my mind. In Your sacred name I pray, amen.

God blessed America when she feared Him, now it appears, she may face His wrath.


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