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And God said: No David! And, No Bob! Tuesday January 28th, 2003

First, before we get into today's thought, I want you to take time to fall on your knees and intervene for President Bush with the Lord. I don't want you to pray for stupid things that violate the word of God, things like peace, for there will be no peace and if you have not read your bible enough to know that then skip this part and go on to the daily thought that follows the prayer.

Oh Lord God Creator of heaven and of earth, we beseech Thee Lord that Thou would be with president Bush, for Lord it seems that even his own dad doesn't understand that it is Thee whose will is being done here, not the President's. Help him Lord to weather the storms of criticism and insults that are sure to come. Give him strength Lord and the faith to stand strong in his work to serve You.

Lord God, I'm not sure that even he understands the part he is playing in prophecy, but Lord I pray that You would open his eyes and ears to the truth of what he is doing. Help him to understand that it is pure evil that he is fighting, that it is the evil of satan's hordes, the forces of islam that he fights. That in his fighting this war, he buys us more time to reach souls for You. Help him Lord as those who are around him try to steer him from Your course and into a course of protecting satan and his minions. Lord open at least his wife's eyes, help her see the horrors of satan, abortion and islam. Help her to understand how her husband is doing what is Thy will.

Lord, George is still a baby Christian, talk to Him Lord as Thou talked to me when I was still crawling, as Thou even this day shows me patience and understanding as I forge ahead at times following my own thoughts and will instead of yours. I pray Your blessing upon him Lord and ask Thee that Thou would be with and lead to salvation all of our young men who are about to put their lives on the line and especially those whom Thou knows will die.

In the Holy and Sacred name of our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus I pray, amen.

Now, let us go to today's thought. As many of you know, I had been looking forward to buying 188 acres of land in East Stoneham, Maine, land that backs up to tens of thousands of acres of wilderness land in the White Mountain National Forest, well the Lord has said: NO! NO, Bob you cannot have it! For yesterday, within two hours of my having submitted an offer for the land, it was sold to another. Today we will look at Scripture that shows us that what we want and think is in the best interest of the Lord is not always what He wants and knows is in His best interest. For like He said to me, He also once said the same thing to King David.

Then David said, "This is the house of the LORD God, and this is the altar of the burnt offering for Israel."

And David commanded to gather together the strangers that were in the land of Israel; and he set masons to hew wrought stones to build the house of God. And David prepared iron in abundance for the nails for the doors of the gates, and for the joinings; and brass in abundance without weight; Also cedar trees in abundance: for the Zidonians and they of Tyre brought much cedar wood to David.

And David said, "Solomon my son is young and tender, and the house that is to be builded for the LORD must be exceeding magnificent, of fame and of glory throughout all countries: I will therefore now make preparation for it."

So David prepared abundantly before his death. Then he called for Solomon his son, and charged him to build a house for the LORD God of Israel. And David said to Solomon, "My son, as for me, it was in my mind to build a house unto the name of the LORD my God: But the word of the LORD came to me, saying, Thou hast shed blood abundantly, and hast made great wars: thou shalt not build an house unto My name, because thou hast shed much blood upon the earth in My sight. (2 Chronicles 22:1-8)

I am not comparing myself and my desire to open a Christian family camping retreat to that which David was doing for the Lord, nor am I comparing my self to King David, I am only showing you through Scripture, that at times, we like David can want something so much that the Lord has to do something hard to show us the error of our way. Therefore I would ask you to continue to pray, asking the Lord to show me what and where.

The Lord our God, Christ Jesus be with you all, amen.

God blessed America when she feared Him, now it appears, she may face His wrath.


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