Pastor Robert M. Celeste MCAC

And may God continue to bless America.

Wednesday January 29th, 2003

In his closing remarks last night, President Bush said "And may God continue to bless America". Those remarks were made by one who understands that "God bless America" is both inappropriate and down right insulting to God. What the President said is a sign of his ever maturing walk with the Lord Jesus. And I for one am proud of him. He is restoring this nation to one whose interest centers on the Lord Jesus. In his remarks last night he stated flatly that families not government are the bottom line and that he wanted and expected a bill to ban partial birth abortion.

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The one sour note is our new congressman from the second congressional district of Maine. Mike Michaud ran as a pro-life democrat and many of us worked very hard, urging, calling and even arguing conservative republicans to cross party lines and vote for Mike. And last night, instead of embracing the Presidents speech, especially the promise to an end of partial birth abortion, Mike chose instead to come out with the empty lies of the democratic party.

Mike, I hope this is not going to be a blue print for your first and maybe only two years in the House. For Mike, you said that there are many other industrialized countries that put more money into their infrastructure than we do here in the USA. Now, either name them Mike or apologize for lying. Show us the countries and the amount of dollars of their own, not our foreign aid money that they use for their infrastructure.

May our Lord bless our President in the times of trouble and may He open the eyes of the constituents of those who criticize the President unjustly through misrepresentations and lies.


God blessed America when she feared Him, now it appears, she may face His wrath.


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