Pastor Robert M. Celeste MCAC

No Greater Compliment. Monday February 24th, 2003

Over the last few months, the leftists in the press, the so called progressives in both houses of the congress and others who hate and despise everything about the USA, both within our nation and abroad, have paid President George Bush the greatest of compliments. Unlike the previous two presidents one of which they knew they could bully and the other a president so easily distracted by women other than his wife and his political problems, this president, President George Bush #43, they have to take seriously. And this President they are taking seriously. While they knew they could rein in the first president Bush, and they know the had nothing to fear from president Clinton, this President they fear, for they know that this President is not scared or intimidated by phony polls and demonstrations in the streets.

Jesus tells us: Ye shall know them by their fruits. While in this verse, the Lord is referring to preachers, He could very easily have been talking about all mankind, for you can tell a man by his results, by the work he does and the results he gets.

They, those who hate this nation, those who put their political agendas ahead of the security of the nation, those in the media that have agendas of their own agendas designed to undermine any effort to slow down abortion, reduce taxes, remove the terrorist threat, and retaliate against those nations that support terrorists, have to take this President seriously. And by their pulling out all the stops, by their protest, their resolutions, their full court press using the likes of Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw, and their flunkies in the UN, by their resorting to attacks from leftists in state and local governments, they are proving beyond any doubt that in President Bush, we have a man who has the determination, the steadfastness, the honesty, integrity and ability to follow through.

With every protest, with every resolution opposing the USA and supporting the tyranny of Iraq, with every attack article on NBC, ABC, Fox, CNN, CBS, the Portland Press Herald, Boston Globe and NY Times, comes more verification that those who hate our nation, our military and our President are indeed convinced that this President, President George Bush # 43 can and will stay the course. That he will not be deterred, nor swayed, nor bullied into allowing the enemies and attackers of the USA to escape punishment this time. For they see by his fruits that the President, thank God, is not his father and he is not Bill Clinton.

I only wonder how long it will be before they realize that he is playing the UN and his attackers like a fine tuned fiddle. Many, even those who support the President are missing a very important point. President Bush inherited a military that had become politically correct, a military more accustomed to playing policeman and waiter than warriors and fighters. It is not because of the protesters, nor the leftist in the congress, the UN or the media that is holding up the attack on Iraq. No, what is holding it up is the retraining of our military, the changing of them from being a bunch of panty waisted mammy pammy waiters and UN surrogates to a cohesive fighting force. The President needed to get them out of the USA, Germany and the rest of the bases where the Jennings and the Brokaws have ready access, he needed to get them someplace where he could train them. He needed to bring back senior NCO's and Officers in the O-5 and O-6 category to retrain them, men who had served in a military that did what militaries are suppose to do.

Thank You Lord for giving us a CIC that cares more about the troops than he does polls, focus groups, the national news, other men's wives, and interns with miniskirts. Thank You Lord for giving us a CIC that starts his day in Your Word, amen.

God blessed America when she feared Him, now it appears, she may face His wrath.


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