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Special Guest Pastor Rev. Jim Marstaller, Pastor of The CornerStone Gospel Church in Naples, Maine

Courage, have courage.

Monday April 25th, 2005
Oh how many of our problems, here in the USA and in our homes, would go away if only we had courage. Lord God, Creator of all heaven and earth, Creator of the universe, hear me I pray. Lord give unto these men, who read this thought, the courage needed to reclaim their lives and families, cities, towns, state and nation for You. Amen.

Let us start with the President of these United States, for it is well known that George Bush 43 is the first president I have had any use for in well over 60 years. Of all the politicians I know and know of, he is one of a very few who I would actually invite inside my home. But, President Bush 43, like most of the rest of the men in this once great nation of ours, has been stricken by the Lord with a spirit of cowardliness.

Had President Bush hit the tora bora area of Afghanistan with one or two nuclear missiles within a day or two of 911, we would not now be faced with an extended battle on terrorism. Had the president on 9-12-2001 called the dictators of Canada and Mexico and told them to either stop the illegals from crossing the borders or face war, the borders would be secure and the thousands of men who have given up money, time and family to patrol the borders, would be at home with their families. Had the President shown the courage to send US Marshals down to Florida to enforce the supeona issued by the US Congress for Terri Schiavo, she would be alive and our culture would be turning pro-life instead of pro-death.

And like wise, we men, who make up the ownership of this nation, had we the courage, our daughters would not be killing their babies, our sons would not be being taught that it is good to be sodomized. The likes of John Baldacci would still be trying to get down pat the profession of washing dishes, instead of being the pro-satan, pro-homosexual, anti-Christian governor of Maine.

The punishment that God has chosen to use on the USA, seems to be one He used on Israel long ago, a punishment of taking away the courage of men and replacing it instead with the spirit of cowardliness.

There are only two things we can do about this. We cannot work our way out of it, we can either learn to live with it and watch our nation and society dissolve even more and into an even worse moral sewer, or we can turn to God, humble ourselves and beg His forgiveness. There are no other choices. And the time is short.

Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength: (Isaiah 26:4 ACP/KJV)

Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He shall lift you up. (James 4:10 ACP/KJV)

Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time: (1Peter 5:6 ACP/KJV)

Guys, there is no other way, we can not fight God. We can not go to God and say, "remove this punishment from us or else." There is but one way to starve off the next punishment from God and that is to turn to Him, apologize, repent, and beg His forgiveness and for Him to restore us, our family and our nation. There is no other way.

Do you know, prophetically, what happens next? Do you have any idea of what God has done historically to nations after He gives them a sense of fear and they still refuse to turn to Him?

The first step of the second part of God's wrath and punishment has already started. We are being invaded and we are afraid to use force to stop it. If we as Christian men do not turn to God, on bended knees, and ask Him sincerely and truthfully to forgive us and heal our nation, we are in for some very tough times.

Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, "Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons: But in every nation he that feareth Him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with Him." (Acts 10:34&35 ACP/KJV)

He that fears God he who humbles himself before God, he whose first and primary love is God, regardless of that persons station in life or national origin, he God will love.

Guys, before you can fight for your kids, before you can fight for your wife, before you can fight to restore this nation to Christ, you have to have courage, and there is only one way to get courage and that is turn to Him who has shown true love and courage, Christ Jesus.

It has been a little over 2,000 years now, a little over 2,000 years since God the Son left heaven and came to earth as a baby in the womb of Mary. He grew up as a child, a young man and a preacher, He then, in order to fill His own requirements, showed courage impossible for most of us to even grasp. He allowed Himself to be captured, tortured, beat, judged, hung on a cross, spit upon and cast into a grave by the very creations that He created. Using the very trees, whips and chains that He Himself had created to beat Him with, to torture Him with, and hang Him on. Courage that allowed Him to allow this all to happen to Him instead of simply stopping the worlds rotation, ceasing gravity, and letting every living thing get it's just reward of being sucked off of the earth into frozen, barren, airless space.

And it is He who has shown this courage that we must turn to, to get our courage restored, for otherwise, the destiny of our nation is clearly outlined in the Old Testament accounts of what happened to Israel. We must return to Jesus, to find the courage to stop abortion, to stop murdering people who are simply in the way. to stop the spread of homosexual deviant behavior. We must turn to Jesus to get the courage we need to restore our nation, for without our manhood, we have no chance of success and without Jesus we have no chance of getting our manhood back.

I'm old, and I have made a pact with Jesus, I will preach His word, I will not be silenced, I will call a spade a spade and a heathen a heathen, a coward a coward, and a baby murderer a baby murderer as long as He keeps me alive. I know what happened to me in June of 95, I know what happened in the spring of 93, and I know that the enemy stands no chance against the Lord. And I know that the second I have finished doing that which Jesus has appointed me to do, I'm outa here.

Read this next quote spoken by Paul carefully, for I feel exactly the same way.

For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. But if I live in the flesh, this is the fruit of my labor: yet what I shall choose I know not. For I am in a strait betwixt two, having a desire to depart, and to be with Christ; which is far better: nevertheless to abide in the flesh is more needful for you. (Philippians 1:21-24 ACP/KJV)

Do you understand what Paul is saying? Do you understand that when I say I feel exactly the same way, what I am saying? Let me explain.

I want to be with Jesus, I don't want to be here on earth with you! I want to be with Him, whom I love more than anything, Christ Jesus. But, I know that I am not done doing His work, I am not done doing what He has charged me to do. And what is that, what is it that the Christ has charged me to do? He has charged me with the job of preaching, preaching to all those who seek to read what He has told me to write.

You know, sometimes I write things that get under the skins of heathens like Maine's US Congressional delegation, many in the body politic of Maine, many, many men and women dressed in black that sit in earthly corrupt judgement of other men and women, and many others of our so called leaders and captains of industry and science. So what? What are they going to do? Do you not understand that the best thing that could happen to me is to have one of those satan worshiping damned, kill me.

Do you not understand that to be on earth is to suffer, yet to be in paradise with the Lord Christ Jesus is to end all suffering, to have nothing but eternal happiness? Do you not understand that I don't care if I hurt your feelings? Not as, long as I hurt them because of the order to use God's word to reprove, to correct, to discipline. Do you think it really bothers me that I have hurt your tender little feelings because I have told you that God is not going to automatically forgive you for killing your baby? That to be forgiven you must convince Him, who reads and sees the heart, that you are truly sorry and that you will never kill another of your babies.

Understand something, the Lord God Creator of all things, did not give me a gentle spirit when writing, He has made me a glass of cold water to throw in your face. He did not give me a tender easy going smiling all forgiving tone, He gave me this personality, He gave me this hunger to shout His word, and it is He who I am out to please, not you, not Baldacci,, not the homosexual child molesters, not the sodomites, not the muslim hordes, not the cultist who lead the cult of Roman Catholicism. No, He gave me this disposition, this personality, this understanding of His word to put it on the web for who ever would like it. And when I have said the last thing He has for me to say, when I have completed the course He has set before me, then and only then will He allow me to come home. How He will arrange that I don't know, I don't even care, for all I want is to hear Him say is: "Hi Bob, welcome home."

Men, get on your knees, humble yourself, get right with Jesus, ask Him for the courage to face what is coming or to reverse the tide. But, get on your knees today, don't procrastinate, don't hesitate, don't put it off any longer. Get on your knees and go to the Lord God Creator of the universe, Christ Jesus, and ask Him to let you be His. Ask Him to give you the courage and strength to put aside the things of this world and turn to Him. And ask Him to bless me and mine.

Do not look for courage from the body politic, do not look for courage from a pill or a book or a bottle of wine, look to the Christ for He and only He can save you.

Never ever forget this: There aint no purgatory!


The Lord bless you all and may He heal Mel's eyes and Myra's ears. May He be with Colby as he has now arrived at Paris Island and strted boot camp, A Christian babe amongst many a wolf. Amen.

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May the Lord understand the importance of Mac, Cecily, Steve, and Rev. Jim Marstaller to this ministry. Lord I need them both healthy and able to continue to hold up their ends. Lord this cancer of Mac's is starting to get in the way, this ministry needs him whole, just a thought Lord, is all it will take, just a thought on Your part.

There is a young man, a veteran who suffers from some kind of chemical weapon exposure, in a Veterans hospital in Colorado, he is young, and he is Saved, yet his wife just abandoned him. Please pray for him, Lord, help him and deal with her and those who hurt him, we ask this of the Father in Your name Lord Jesus, amen.

The Lord our God, Christ Jesus, be with and bless you all, amen.

The difference between a true preacher and a false preacher comes down to this. The true preacher uses God's word to convict of sin, the false preacher twist God's word to justify sin. The Lord our God, Christ Jesus be with you always, amen.


The Lord our God, Christ Jesus, be with you all and please keep your pastor and me in your prayers. Amen. My prayer daily is "Lord please bless those tenfold who bless me."

Pray for my friend Mac, pray for Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Michael Savage. While the Lord does not need the platforms and audiences that Rush, Sean and Michael have, they, Rush, Sean and Michael and their audiences need the Lord.

Pray for the President, pray for Attorney General John Ashcroft, pray for me, pray for all those who open their mouths or take pen in hand in an effort to sway public opinion.

The Lord God of the Universe, Messiah Y'shua be with you all, amen.

It is better to be a horse fly in the stables of the Lord Jesus than the CEO of hell.

All Scripture quoted, in both sermons and daily thoughts, except when done by a guest, is from the ACP/authorized 1611 King James Version. The words in red are those quotes of God the Son, the Lord Jesus and the words in purple are those qoutes spoken directly by God the Father and the words in this sickly greenish color are of satan. But all of the Bible is spoken by God and should be viewed as God's handbook for us to run our lives by 2 Timothy 3:16.

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