Today's Christian thought: Thursday September 4th, 2003

Rev. Paul Hill

Concerning Paul, I understand why he did what he did, I wish I knew he was right.
The Lord Jesus be with Paul and may He understand and forgive him,

We live in strange and horrible times. The words of Larry Flynt and other pornographers are considered protected speech, while the Ten Commandments are considered hate speech by many of our courts, police and politicians.

The Democratic party is on the verge of nominating Dr. Howard Dean, a man who did his OB/GYN training in a planned parenthood abortion mill.

We use our military forces to protect Muslim Islamic Christian haters, but will not raise a finger to rescue the Christians being captured, sold in to slavery, raped and murdered in the Sudan.

Each year in the US alone, over three million babies are slaughtered, babies trapped in their mothers wombs, trapped with no where to run and no one to rescue or even help them. Three million trapped babies that will be offered up to satan as blood sacrifices by their mothers and men and women like those whom Paul sent to his just reward.

Was Paul wrong? I don't know. But this I do know, abortion is first degree premeditated murder. And few seems to care.

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