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Rev. Robert M. Celeste


Saturday, October 17th, 2009 So who is an anti-Christ? 1 John keyword: anti-Christ

Today we are going to look at parts of First John chapters one and two. For we are going to look at who are the anti-Christ amongst us. Not the anti-Christ of tribulation days, but all those who are, according to the Word of God, men and women who are anti-Christ.

1 *That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the *Word of life; 2 (For the *Life was manifested, and we have seen it, and bear witness, and shew unto you that *Eternal Life, which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us;) Each of the words marked with * is referring to Jesus.

3 That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with His Son Jesus Christ. So that we may have fellowship with God, John and the Apostles made a written record of their time with Jesus. Jesus tells us in John 17:9 “I pray for them, the Apostles,: I pray not for the world, but for them which Thou hast given Me; for they are Thine.” and in verse 20 “Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on Me through their, the Apostles, word;” First God Himself prayed for the Apostles and then a few verses later, for those of us who become believers on Him through the words preached and written by the Apostles, then John tells us that he was writing so that we could know what Jesus did here on earth, so that we could come to know God also.

4 And these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full. 5 This then is the message which we have heard of Him, and declare unto you, that God is Light, and in Him is no darkness at all.

6 If we say that we have fellowship with Him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth: 7 But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin.

8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. 9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 10 If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar, and His word is not in us. I John 1:1-10

It is important for you to understand that you, in 99.9% of the cases will not be perfect. But we learn from Genesis that there are some who are, in God’s eyes, perfect. So, even in these sinful end times, some can be perfect, I am not one of them and I cannot say one who is, but, God’s word does allow that there may be a few perfect sinless ones out there. But for most of us, we will sin, and if some say they are not sinners they are two things, one liars and two claiming that Jesus is a liar. But the exciting thing is that if we confess our sins to Christ He is faithful to forgive us. But we must try, with each time we go to Him asking for forgiveness, to do better.

Now, let us jump into the meat of this study. For now that you have seen with your own eyes, that God’s Holy word, the Holy Bible is written by men of God whom Jesus prayed for and that Jesus also prayed for all who would come to believe on Him by the words written in the Bible and that when we call, when we slip, when we err and sin, He, God Almighty, Jesus, is faithful to forgive us for those errors, if we simply go to Him with an honest heart and ask His forgiveness.

Now it is time to identify those around us who are of the spirit of anti-Christ. For many of you have been studying and reading, hearing and pondering things said by, written by and expounded by those who are anti-Christ. So, let’s go find out who the Bible teaches us to avoid at all cost.

18 Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that anti-Christ shall come, even now are there many anti-Christ; whereby we know that it is the last time. While there is but one Anti-Christ, there are many who are anti-Christ. Do you understand the difference? The anti-Christ of the tribulation period is one man who rules the world for the first 3.5 years. Those who are anti-Christ from John’s time to the time of rapture are many and they are those who are opposed to Christ, anti, as in against, Christ.


19 They (those who are anti-Christ) went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us. They who are anti-Christ, in many cases studied God’s word, they went to seminaries, they were and some still are preachers, yet they are not part of the body of Christ, they are not Born Again. They were on the track to being saved, but they left the Body of Christ before getting saved. They are UCC preachers, they are of the ilk of Karl Marx and other humanist, communist, socialist, leaders who turned their backs on God and started claiming He is dead, He is irrelevant, He is everything except God.


20 But ye have an unction (The Greek word for unction is chrisma, and it means that you have a special endowment by, of, and from the Holy Spirit, that you have a special anointing, from the Holy One.) and ye know all things. We, who are true Born Again Washed in the Blood of the Lamb Christians, have a special ability to understand the Word of God and His word. For we have the Holy Spirit available to us for He dwells within us. We, unlike the anti-Christ, can expect to have all of the Bible open to us by God, all we need do is go to Him and ask for His help and instruction.

21 I have not written unto you because ye know not the truth, but because ye know it, and that no lie is of the truth. As a true Born Again Washed in the Blood of the Lamb Christian, you know that the Bible is absolute truth, that it was caused to be written by God, that God is the speaker and all others are but recording secretaries. You know this because God has given you that special understanding. If you do not know it, then you are not a Born Again Christian, for you do not have the Holy Spirit living within you and teaching you.

22 Who is a liar” he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. There you have it, all who deny Jesus in any way shape or form are anti-Christ. If they deny His deity, they are anti-Christ. If they deny His virgin birth, they are anti-Christ. If they deny His resurrection, they are anti-Christ. If they deny one “jot or tittle” concerning Jesus, one biblical fact, if they twist or turn any thing concerning Jesus, they are anti-Christ and are doomed, damned, awaiting the White Throne judgement of Revelation 20 and eternity in the lake of fire. If you are attending a church were they preach that abortion is acceptable or that homosexuality is acceptable, you are bing taught by an anti-Christ. If you are reading books that deny the virgin birth, the resurrection, or anything else about Jesus, you are reading the writings of an anti-Christ.

23 Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: (but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also. And what are those who deny Jesus? Jesus said “But whosoever shall deny Me before men, him will I also deny before My Father which is in heaven.” in 2 Timothy 2:12 we read “If we suffer, we shall also reign with Him: if we deny Him, He also will deny us.” Are you starting to grasp just who those who are anti-Christ are?

24 Let that therefore abide in you, which ye have heard from the beginning. If that which ye have heard from the beginning shall remain in you, ye also shall continue in the Son, and in the Father.

25 And this is the promise that he hath promised us, even eternal life.

26 These things have I written unto you concerning them that seduce you. 27 But the anointing which ye have received of Him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in Him. If you are a Born Again Christian who has been Washed clean in the Blood of Jesus, you do not need a preacher, you don’t need me, you have the Spirit of God dwelling within you and you can turn to Him for all the truths of the Bible. Sunday service and other services are not simply to be preached to. It is for many things. It is a time for Christians to come together for joint worship. It is a time for Christian fellowship and entertainment, and yes for preaching, but, for you who are Saved and have the Spirit of God dwelling within you’ God is your personal guide to understand His word.

28 And now, little children, abide in Him; that, when He shall appear, we may have confidence, and not be ashamed before Him at His coming. 29 For if ye know that He is righteous, ye know that every one that doeth righteousness is born of Him. When Jesus returns, we who are true Born Again Washed in the Blood of the Lamb Christians will run with smiles on our faces, joy in our hearts and songs of greetings on our lips to join Him, while those who are anti-Christ will bow and grovel and know that they are damned. 1 John 2:18-29

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