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Rev. Bob Celeste

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So, what has God raised you up to do? Matthew 16:24

Wednesday October 18th, 2006

Let me ask you to first go to this: and listen to Selah singing "You Raise Me Up". Please pay careful attention to the video that goes with it. Just left click it, and it will open in a separate window. Total time 4 minutes 13 seconds once it is downloaded.

Now, have you ever asked yourself just what God has raised you up for?

What is it that God has in mind for you? What did He create you to do? For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them. (Ephesians 2:10 ACP/KJV)

So, what is it that God created you to do? Go to Africa for a long term mission? Go to an Indian village in New Mexico for a long term mission? Start a web site like ChristianPatriot.com? Be a devoted, dedicated Prayer Grandparent? We still have more needing people than we have Prayer Grandparents.

Do you know that not all of us, who are truly Born Again Washed in the Blood of the Lamb Christians, are disciples? Have any idea of what separates the disciples of Christ from the rest of us? I think by this point in time you all know what a true Born Again Washed in the Blood of the Lamb Christian is. I think you also know if you are a true Born Again Washed in the Blood of the Lamb Christian or not. But do you know what a true disciple of Christ is?

And another of His disciples said unto Him, "Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father." But Jesus said unto him, Follow Me! And let the dead bury their dead. (Matthew 8:21&22 ACP/KJV) Would you put your service to the Lord ahead of going home to the funeral of a loved relative? Your mom? Your dad? A brother or sister? Being a Born Again Christian doesn't mean not attending your families' funerals at the expense of doing the Lord's work, but being a True Disciple does.

And Jesus stretched forth His hand toward His disciples, and said, Behold My mother and My brethren! (Matthew 12:49 ACP/KJV) While the Lord refers to all who are Saved as His adopted brothers and sisters, notice how when it comes to His True Disciples He refers to them as more, He refers to them as His mother and His brothers and Sisters. Not adopted brothers and sisters, but blood mother, brothers, and sisters.


Then said Jesus unto His disciples, If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. (Matthew 16:24 ACP/KJV) Now here is the true separator of Born Again Washed in the Blood of the Lamb Christians. All of us who are Saved have gone to the Lord, confessed that we are sinners worthy of punishment. We have asked the Lord to take control of our lives after having admitted that regardless of how long we have been alive, we have messed up our lives. We have confessed that Jesus is God and we have put our lives in His hands. But, a True Disciple does more.

A True Disciple of Christ has denied himself, picked up his cross and followed Jesus. Let me just show you the difference using Scripture. Let's look at the rich young man that comes to Jesus and is offered the chance of a lifetime, the invitation by the Lord Jesus to join the Lord's inner circle of True Disciples.

And, behold, one came and said unto Him, "Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life(be a Born Again Washed in the Blood of the Lamb Christian)?" And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou Me good? there is none good but One, that is, God: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.

He saith unto Him, Which? Jesus said, Thou shalt do no murder, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, honour thy father and thy mother: and, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

The young man saith unto Him, "All these things have I kept from my youth up: what lack I yet?"

Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect(a true Born Again Washed in the Blood of the Lamb Christian Disciple), go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow Me.

But when the young man heard that saying, he went away sorrowful: for he had great possessions. (Matthew 19:16-22 ACP/KJV)

Ok, now let's get down to the nitty gritty. Remember the video you watched at the start of today's thought?

In the video there are basically four groups: The Africans who are, in this case, the unsaved; The missionaries there to reach them; the group Selah that sang the song bringing attention to the need; and those who respond to the plea and support the missionaries with prayer and finances.

Now let's bring it down to an even more understandable level. Here in New Mexico there are hundreds of Indian villages called pueblos. There is a crying need for long term missionaries for these Indians. I'm not talking a month or a year, I'm talking lifetime. I'm talking about "go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow Me."

I'm talking about a young Christian couple who leave home and hearth and move outside an Indian pueblo, buy a piece of land, build a church and house, plant a garden, become part of the community and reach out to the Indians and others for Christ.

For though I be free from all men, yet have I made myself servant unto all, that I might gain the more.

And unto the Jews I became as a Jew, that I might gain the Jews; to them that are under the law, as under the law, that I might gain them that are under the law; To them that are without law, as without law, (being not without law to God, but under the law to Christ,) that I might gain them that are without law. To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak:

I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some. And this I do for the gospel's sake, that I might be partaker thereof with you. (1 Corinthians 9:20-23 ACP/KJV)

Being a Disciple of Christ is not a part time job. It is not for a month, a year or even a dozen years. It is a lifetime endeavor. So the disciples of Christ in this case would be the family that pulls up roots, sells all they have, and moves out to New Mexico to serve Christ and reach Indians for Him.

In this particular instance I am the group Selah for I am bringing this huge need to your attention and asking for your support with prayer and funding.

So, what is your part? How about taking this huge need to your church missions board, asking them if they will seek a couple to be the Disciples, and provide funding.

What would be needed? Well to buy the land, $10-20,000. To dig the well and septic system, and other ground work, maybe another $10,000. The house can and should be no better than any of the houses being lived in by the Indians, so a used double wide is pretty much the upscale end, so maybe another $20,000 delivered and set up. The church should be a 25 by 50 foot structure, perhaps $35,000 to $40,000. Hymnals and pews should be found second hand, maybe even free if you don't mind leaning on the consciences of the big mega churches in Albuquerque. You will need a 8HP tiller, seed, and a pickup truck to go down to the horse farms to get tons of free horse manure for fertilizer. Furniture for the house along with appliances can be bought cheap at the Salvation Army store. So, what are we looking at? Maybe a hundred thousand dollars to start the mission and then maybe a salary and expenses of $10,000 a year after that? Remember what Paul said, no living high on the hog, the missionary and his family should be living no better than the Indians they serve.

So what have we? Remember the video? I'm Selah, the Indians are the Africans, the missionary couple are the ones who move in and spend their lives bringing the Gospel of Christ to the Indians, and you, God willing, will be the ones who support the missionaries with prayers and money.

Think maybe we are getting close to figuring out what God has raised you up to do? God has given us all a part in bringing the Gospel of Christ to every man, woman, and child on earth. We here in the States are doing a great job bringing it overseas, but have sorely lacked in bringing the Gospel to our Indian brothers and sisters here in the good ole US of A. Can you look yourself in the face when you shave in the morning knowing that now that you are aware of the need, you are not doing what you can to solve it?

Lord Jesus, while not all of us are able to sell all, give to the poor and follow You, all of us can help. Please Lord help us to understand that we own nothing, everything belongs to You who created all things. Help us Jesus to not just surrender our lives to You but all of our possessions as well. Thank You Jesus. Amen.

Sha'al shalowm Yruwshalaim.

Never ever forget this: There aint no purgatory!

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The difference between a true preacher and a false preacher comes down to this. The true preacher uses God's word to convict of sin, the false preacher twist God's word to justify sin. The Lord our God, Christ Jesus be with you always, amen.


The Lord our God, Christ Jesus, be with you all and please keep your pastor and me in your prayers. Amen. My prayer daily is "Lord please bless those tenfold who bless me."

Pray for my friend Mac, pray for Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Michael Savage. While the Lord does not need the platforms and audiences that Rush, Sean and Michael have, they, Rush, Sean and Michael and their audiences need the Lord.

Pray for the President, pray for Attorney General John Ashcroft, pray for me, pray for all those who open their mouths or take pen in hand in an effort to sway public opinion.

The Lord God of the Universe, Messiah Y'shua be with you all, amen.

It is better to be a horse fly in the stables of the Lord Jesus than the CEO of hell.

All Scripture quoted, in both sermons and daily thoughts, except when done by a guest, is from the ACP/authorized 1611 King James Version. The words in red are those quotes of God the Son, the Lord Jesus and the words in purple are those qoutes spoken directly by God the Father and the words in this sickly greenish color are of satan. But all of the Bible is spoken by God and should be viewed as God's handbook for us to run our lives by 2 Timothy 3:16.

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