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Rev. Robert M. Celeste


Monday November 17th, 2009

"I'm dying, I don't what to go to hell, you're a Christian what must I do to be Saved?"

Keywords: Patriot and brownshirt

Let us say you are driving down the road and you see a car of a close, but unsaved friend, come flying past you, being chased by the obama brownshirt. As you watch in horror it slams into a tree. You speed up, get to the scene of the accident, jump out and find the brownshirts laughing as your friend is laying with a broken neck and blood pumping out.

As you bend down and cradle him you realize this unsaved patriot has no more than three minutes to live. He looks at you and screams, "I'm dying, I don't what to go to hell, you're a Christian what must I do to be Saved?"

The clock is ticking you now have 2:45 minutes to introduce that man to Christ, to give him the information that will allow that him to give his or her life to Christ, and be Born Again.

Before you read below what I would do, I want you to serious ponder what you would do.

What do you do?

What do you say?

What Scripture would you use from memory?

You have three minutes, start the clock.

Here is what I would do. I have given this serious thought, because the scene above is not so far fetched considering what is happening in Washington.

Unsaved Patriot says "I'm dying, I don't what to go to hell, you're a Christian what must I do to be Saved?"

First pray:
Father in heaven, in Jesus name and blood I ask that Thou would here and bless what I say to this child and that the Holy Spirit would give him understanding to make a choice. Amen."

Listen carefully. Jesus is God, He is the Christ and it is only thru Him you can avoid hell and go to heaven. Now listen carefully, for Jesus Himself has told you what you need to do.

Child 1,980 years again a man came to Jesus and said "We know you came from God because of the miracles you have done."

Jesus said to him, "Unless you are born again you can not even see the kingdom of God!"

The man said "But how? How can a man be born again can he go into his mothers womb a second time?"

Jesus said, "No, a person must be born both of water and the Spirit." John 3

I then say, "The question is, what does it mean to be born again. Jesus Himself has answered that, for you see when Jesus was crucified on the cross there were two criminals hung with Him, one on His right and one on His left."

"One of the criminals is in hell the other is in heaven, the one in heaven is the only man Jesus ever told that he would be in heaven that day, so what ever that man on the cross did is what is needed to be Born Again, for remember Jesus said, ‘Unless a man is born again he will not even see the inside of heaven'"

Listen to what happened on those crosses.

And one of the malefactors which were hanged yelled at Jesus, mockingly saying, "If Thou be Christ, save Thyself and us."

But the other answering rebuked him, saying, "Dost not thou fear God, seeing thou art in the same condemnation?" He just said that Jesus is God.

The thief on the right went on and said: "And we indeed justly; for we receive the due reward of our deeds: but this Man hath done nothing amiss." He just admitted that he is a sinner and deserves pain, suffering and death, but that Jesus was and is sinless and perfect.

And he said unto Jesus, ‘Lord, remember me when Thou comest into Thy kingdom." He has just asked God to forgive him and remember him, for "remember me" in 1611 meant to both remembver and forgive.

And Jesus said unto him, "Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with Me in paradise." Luke 23:39-43

"All you must do to be Born Again is be like the man hung on the cross to the right of Jesus, you must admit that Jesus is God, admit that you are a sinner and deserve to die and then to simply ask Jesus to forgive you and let you be part of His family."

"Do you believe Jesus is God?"

"Do you understand that you are a sinner?"

"Do you understand that Jesus and only Jesus can forgive you and allow you to be part of His family in heaven?" If the he answers "Yes!" to each, then I say pray with me.

Then I have him or her repeat this simply prayer based upon Luke 23:39-43:

Lord Jesus I am dying, I know You are God, and I know that I am not worthy that You should forgive me on such short notice, but Lord, I don't want to go to hell, please forgive me and let me be part of Your family." Amen.

There 2 minutes 45 seconds. You do not have to speak slowly, you must speak deliberately and clearly. Your job get the Scripture out to him, the Holy Spirits job is to convict and to give him or her understanding.

If the he was serious he is off to heaven if not he is on his way to hell. But you have explained what he or she had to do and explained Biblically how one who was dying, the thief hung to the right of the Lord, got into heaven.

If the person is unconscious I do the exact same thing without expecting or waiting for answers, I still ask the questions.

Gentlemen, face it, we are on the verge of either a communist take over or anarchy. In either case the streets are going to run red with our blood or we are going to voluntarily disarm, give up what is left of our freedom, and be slaves. The handwriting was on the wall for this when no one in Congress, the courts or the previous administration insisted on seeing proof of obama's eligibility to hold office. The Republicans have proven themselves to be no better than the democrats, oh sure they make noise, but they do nothing but talk.

Jesus has warned us of this time and He has also given us some very good instructions for this time: Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. Matthew 10:16

The Greek word translated "serpents" in this verse is ophis, pronounced of'-is it means (through the idea of sharpness of vision); a snake, figuratively, (as a type of sly cunning) an artful malicious person, especially Satan:--serpent.

Remember in Ephesians God has said thru the pen of Paul "Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;" Ephesians 5:25 You must realize that you cannot protect and feed your family in time of depression or anarchy without your guns and ammo. So you must keep your guns, ammo, knives, and other weapons, this means you may have to be as sneaky as a serpent to keep them, you may have to be devious, you may have to be sneaky, you must do what you must do to keep your family feed and safe.

Now let us look at what the word translated "doves" was and meant in the original Greek. It is peristera, pronounced per-is-ter-ah' and literally means a dove or pigeon. Have you ever noticed how many pigeons there are? Have you ever noticed how they hang together, flock together, help one another by their numbers and attentiveness?

We must not be split apart or divided over unimportant issues. Patriots must stand as one, bent on returning the US to that of a Constitutional Republic, and if that means tearing it down to rebuild it, well, so be it. But we can not be divided over issues such as are not found in the US Constitution before the last civil war of 1860.

I and other Christians will not fight to protect homosexual and abortion rights. I will fight with you to protect all gun rights, if you will fight with me to return to a time when homosexuals and abortion were not tolerated.

I started this message by demonstrating the importance of Christian Patriots standing beside and working for the salvation of their unsaved Patriot brothers. I also made it clear that the enemy of both Patriots and Christians is one and the same, the government and it's brownshirt enforcers, regardless of whether they call them selves black panther, union enforcers, or FBI, CIA, BATF, or US Marshals.

Rev. Robert M. Celeste

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