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NO, You do not have to have cancer! NO, You do not need to have cancer!

That's right, you do not need to have cancer, just as you do not need to have diabetics or teeth that are falling out. I am becoming more and more convinced that those who undergo such murderous treatments as chemotherapy, radiation and disfiguring operating are doing it because they are either to lazy, to cheap or to stupid to look for more successful , less intrusive options. Or perhaps they just like having people feeling sorry for them.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013 The word is parthenos, it is pronounced par-then'-os
Revelation 14:4

A New Years thought and resolution.

Because we, as humble human beings, cannot grasp it, cannot figure out where they will come from, some who do Bible exhortations and/or commentary, take some pretty unrealistic liberties with Scripture, to make it conform with their inferior to God, thinking. One such example is found in Revelation 14:4, God tells us through the pen of His faithful servant and closest friend on earth, the Apostle John, These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins (parthenos). These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the first fruits unto God and to the Lamb.


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Monday, January 14, 2013

Christians, ChristianPatriots, and Patriots need to make a decision Jeremiah 29:11

Key word: The day of academic study is over, the real world has arrived.

Today we are going to be in Jeremiah. But first I want you to be aware of something. For years there has been a raging academic debate on when we, the Church, the Bride of Christ, can shoot back or initiate the shooting. There are those who say that we, the true Born Again Washed in the Blood of the Lamb Christians, cannot lose our salvation, so we can both start the shooting and retaliate if shot at, there are others that say we can respond but not initiate, there are still others who say turn the other cheek regardless, that there is no justification or allowance in God's word for taking a life. ...

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Monday, February 4, 2013
ConCup a what? kakos epithumia?
Colossians 3:4&5

So, here I am minding my own business, having a cup of coffee and thinking about the signs of the times, when suddenly a man sits down, breaks my reverie and says "Can you explain concup a something or other?".

I said, "Do you mean concupiscence, as in the lust of or evil concupiscence?" "Yes" he said.

What he really wanted to know was not just what concupiscence means, but how it applies to today's church. So, while concupiscence is used only three times in the New Testament.... in Romans 7 and 1 Thessalonians 4, and we did cover those, the verses most appropriate to our discussion relating concupiscence in today's church is found in Colossians. ...

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Why is the US House of Representatives and the US Senate so afraid? Keyword: Cowards Deuteronomy 28

Members of the US House of Representatives and the US Senate have not been regarded as men of integrity, men of courage, or even men and women of honesty since well before I was born in 1944. By the early 50's certain other g0vt groups, such as the IRS and the courts, along with the adminstration had managed to sink into the same category, by the early sixties, the g0vt funded, operated, and propagandized schools and local g0vts had slunk to new levels, joining the aforementioned. Yet right up into the early and even mid seventies, the media, the police and the military had managed to keep themselves separated, at least in the eyes of the majority. Now, there is no g0vt entity that is not also looked at with the same contempt as the House and the Senate, for all have chosen the path of cowardice, of lies, of corruption and evil. But why? Why has the press, the media, the police, courts, schools, and military along with many in state and local g0vt chosen to join the ranks and category of Congress and the Administration? ...

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Monday, March 18, 2013

A dire warning to Schools, G0vernment, and the Liberal Clergy. Mark 9:42-50

"A vote is like a rifle; its usefulness depends upon the character of the user." Teddy Roosevelt

Have you ever wondered why, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are against a 17 trillion dollar national debt , WHY do we have this national 17 trillion dollar national debt? You and I didn't spend that money. The Congress, made up of Democrats and Republicans, did.
Have you ever wondered why, if all the politicians are against inflation, high taxes, and the frivolous spending by government, WHY do we have inflation, high taxes, and frivolous spending? You and I didn't spend that money. You and I don't cause inflation. You and I don't set the tax rates. The Congress, made up of Democrats and Republicans do. ...

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

1,980 years ago in Jerusalem, Jesus, Son of The Father freed Jesus son of father.
Keyword: Barabbas

On this very day in history, 1,980 years ago in Jerusalem, Israel, the Lord God creator of the Universe(s), took the place, on the cross, of the man He had chosen from before time began. For God Himself had preordained every action from the instant the Lord Jesus was implanted into the womb of the young virgin Mary, till His ascension into heaven some 33 years and four months or so later.
Today we are going to look at the record of the man the Lord freed and took his place on the cross.
Barabbas was A noted robber in Christ's time. He was imprisoned and awaiting death for the crimes of sedition and murder. While we never see it in our current versions of the Bible, after the books of the Bible had been decided on, a man named Origen found many manuscripts referring to Barabbas as Jesus Barabbas.
In Aramaic Jesus Barabbas means Joshua son of a father. ...

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TWednesday, April 10, 2013 Some should find other employment
Key Word: Oath breakers
Psalm 26:11

Complete text:

This past Monday, my wife and I went to Augusta to hear the debate before the Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee, regarding certain anti and pro- Second Amendment to the US Constitution and Article One Section 16 of the Maine State Constitution arguments. While we watched from the overflow room as the debate on LD 997, an act to establish restrictions on ammunition feeding devices, a bill I had not planned on speaking to, I heard one of the most asinine, ignorant comments I have ever heard spoken to the committee, and to my horror, not one member of the committee, Republican or Democrat chastised the speaker. What this ignorant, had to be a communist, said was to urge the committee to both put aside emotion and to ignore the Second Amendment.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there are certain absolute truths, an absolute truth being a truth that you do have to believe in for it to be truth, Examples of such are: ...

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Why Congress sits silently with a wolfish grin

Matthew 5:33-37 and Article One section eight, clause 11

So why is Congress sitting on the sidelines with this wolfish grin on its' collective faces while obama gets us into yet another war? Thanks to the US Propaganda service aka the national news, all most in the US know is that Assad of Syria has crossed an obama red line. And now obama has declared that he is going to arm the rebels, not with tanks but with side arms and weapons common to the use of the average combat soldier in the US Army.... the exact same weapons that our Constitution tells us we are to be allowed to have, but Congress and obama want to deprive from our hands and if they had the guts, take the ones we already have....

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tuesday, July 2, 2013 Nineteen die in fire, shelters offer no protection. Luke 12:13-40

On Sunday June 30th, in the year of our Lord 2,013, in addition to the loss of 200 homes in one town, there was also the loss of 19 young firemen, most in their early to mid twenties. 19 young men in the prime of fitness, young men in excellent health and physical attributes, yet they died, died fighting a fire, a fire that may have been preventable, but that's for another day.

The town's fire chief has promised that he will not rest till they learn from that fire. Well, I would say no one need look any further than Luke Chapter twelve to learn two most important lessons from these 19 deaths. ...


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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day 2013
John 8:36

Well, it is the Fourth of July and millions of US Citizens and illegal aliens will go to parades, eat ice cream, hot dogs and hamburgers. More even will go to the fireworks displays this evening, all in the true ignorance of the vast uniformed.

You can, if you would like, continue to deceive yourself into believing we, the United States, is still the land of the free and the home of the brave, proving the old adage of Lenin when he said "Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.". For our school system has truly dumbed down the children who have attended public schools in the US over the past 53 years. The US pubic schools system where while they have learned how to put on and use a condom have no idea of US history, the Declaration of independence, the US Constitution, nor any history of the USA. ... P>

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Friday, November 8, 2013
Pray for Obama, King, Collins, Pelosi, Reid and Michaud
Key word: Bid John 2:10

Obama, King, Collins, Pelosi, Reid and Michaud; six of the most blatant examples of those who not only deny our Christ but work tirelessly to advance the agenda of satan. Yet they are the very ones our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus, has commanded us to pray for, for they are the ones who evilly entreat us, so pray for them, we must:

38 Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: 39 But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also. 40 And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloke also. 41 And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain. 42 Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away. ...

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013 A RINO is bad, but a CINO is much, much worse Luke 6:46

The Republican party has what are called planks. These planks are statements to which the Republican party has determined as both important and statements of what it stands for. Two such planks are Pro-Life and Pro-Traditional Family. Yet, the likes of Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, and others in govt while claiming to be Republicans embrace abortion and homosexual marriage and special rights. While Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins claim to be Republicans, since they adhere more to the ideals of the party of the democrat than they do the Republican party, they are not Republicans, but are what is called RINOs, which stands for Republicans in name only.

While RINOs are bad, for they are not only deceivers, but liars as well, being a CINO is even worse. Unlike the RINO who only mocks the Republican party and low information voters, CINOs are mockers of Christ, for while they profess to be Christians, they do not adhere to the teachings and commands of Christ and are therefore Christians In Name Only, CINOs. Like the RINO, the CINO, while claiming to be a follower of what is good, really is nothing but a deceiver, a liar, a servant of the evil one, a wolf in the clothing of a sheep. I have nothing good to say about a RINO, I have even less good to say of a CINO. ...

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Monday, November 18, 2013
Jesus was not a wishy washy.
Mark 3:22-30

Just as Jesus made it perfectly clear, not only that one must be Born Again (John 3:3-21) , but exactly what Born Again means (Luke 23:39-43), Jesus likewise makes it perfectly clear as to what is the unpardonable sin, what the sin is that puts a man, a woman, a child in danger of never being forgiven and condemned to eternal damnation in the lake of fire.

22 And the scribes which came down from Jerusalem said, "He hath Beelzebub, and by the prince of the devils casteth He out devils." 23 And He (Jesus) called them (the Scribes in verse 22) unto Him, and said unto them in parables, How can Satan cast out Satan? 24 And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. 25 And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand. 26 And if Satan rise up against himself, and be divided, he cannot stand, but hath an end. 27 No man can enter into a strong man's house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil his house. ...

Monday, December 2, 2013
Yes, BUT, what does God's word say? Keyword: marks and divination
Leviticus 19:19-37

A few days ago I was talking to someone who was telling me about a Bible study that she and other ladies had attended. At that study the subject of a young man who could find water using a stick and a young woman who had a tattoo of Scripture were discussed. In both instances, the woman leading the study insinuated that both were of the devil and that the bible prohibited both using a stick to find water and having any marks or cuttings in the flesh.

Sounds good, but I wanted to know just what does God's word say regarding both subjects?

Let us start with tattoos: ...

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