I am reworking this page,

I am going to start with the complete history of my stage four colon cancer and how I, using no chemo or radiation have kept it under control.

Hopefully it will be done before CHRISTmas of 2017

This is what you should do, as a preventative, eat 1 organic apricot a day with 3-5 apricot kernells(seeds) a day. And get your PH up to 7.5 or above, I have the meters for $20.

If you have cancer email me, I used Kernels, apricots, my own salvia and prayer,I am alive and used no chemotherapy or radiation for my stage 4 Colon Cancer.

As of today,12-12-2017, I am alive and well, additonally in mid December 2015 I had a colonoscopy at Togus, Maine's only VA hospital, it showed NO CANCER in my colon.

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Let me suggest you use the time I take to update this page to view these videos.

These six links below will show you the six part series, WORLD WITHOUT CANCER, if you are serious about beating cancer you will find the time to watch this six part series.