It Stunk Thursday October 24th, 2002 6415 years after the fall of man.

For today's thought, I'm going to use something my wife recently wrote, it is something both parents of public educated children in the Maryland Virginia are should read and the serial killer that is terrorizing them.

"He sat in front of me in one of my high school classes. He was tall, his brown crewcut hair stuck up in short, Vitalis spikes, and under it was an olive skinned face with green eyes. His plaid, rumpled shirts, stained jeans, and dirty brown boots made him different from the rest of us. He somewhat blocked my view of the blackboard, but that was not why I hated sitting behind him. I hated sitting behind him because he smelled.

During class I stared at his back , looking at the wrinkle lines on his shirt and wondering why nothing he wore ever appeared to be ironed. Sometimes I felt like I was going to stop breathing, as the odor rolled back into my nose, but I was too afraid to ask my teacher to move me to another seat somewhere else in the room. I could not understand why anyone would want to hang around with him. How could anyone deal with the smell? Why did I have to be in this assigned seat for a whole school year? The further away from him the better, I thought. Why doesn't he take care of himself and wash?

Thirty two years later, again I was in a classroom - this time as a teacher. It was winter and not having a real pair of boots for the snow, I wore my work boots to school. They were under my desk, and my good shoes were on my feet, as my fifth graders poured into the classroom. Minutes later, one of my students complained, "It stinks in this room. What smells?" Others chimed in, too. Then there was silence as they waited for an answer.

"I cleaned the horse stalls this morning. It is horse manure."

My mind flashed back thirty two years - the boy, the disgusting smell swirling around him, his clothes, his face, his dirty boots - every detail came back in to focus and assaulted me. Questions flooded my brain. Did he live on a farm? Did he do chores in the barn every morning before school? Was he poor? Did he only own a few things to wear to school? Did he have little brothers and sisters he had to help get off to school? Did he even have a mom to mend and iron his clothes?

In my secure, solid middle class family, it did not occur to me that others may not be as fortunate. Instead, I had looked down upon, and made fun of (at least in my head - maybe out loud - I do not remember) another human being. I had not bothered to get to know this boy, instead I had shunned him. I had looked upon myself as a better person, because I was well dressed, clean, and neat.

I have never really discovered what his background was, but that is not really very important now. I was proud and considered myself better than others. I learned a powerful lesson from the experience that changed how I perceive and treat other people. It wasn't the boy that stunk, it was my pride!

"When pride cometh, then cometh shame: but with the lowly is wisdom." Proverbs 11:2

Now, why have I suggested that both the terrorizer and the terrorized read this? It is their pride that is feeding one another, it is their pride that is keeping the parents of the kids from being homeschooled and it is the pride of the serial killer that keeps him calling and feeding the pride of Sheriff Moose.

Parents you need to take your kids out of the target area and homeschool them. You need to keep them busy in your own homes and yards and not allow them to go to the malls and other hoodlum hangouts where the serial killer lurks. But, your pride, your fear of being a parent instead of your kids best friends will hinder you, shed the pride, come to Christ and keep your kids alive. By coming to Christ and leading your wife and kids to Christ, if your child becomes a statistics, he or she will be going to a much better place. One of the things that keep me going after the death of my youngest son at 18 was the fact that he was Saved and that Cecily and I will see him again, not here, but in heaven with the Lord. Because of your pride, your unwillingness to not be like everyone else, you feed the killers ego, risk your kids lives, both here and in eternity and feed the demented ego of Sheriff Moose.

You make jokes about Moose, you tremble at the thought of the killer, and you feed the egos and pride of both through your wanting to run with the crowd. Men, be men and stop being part of the herd. Put your pride aside, come to the Lord, homeschool and give your children the gift of the knowledge of eternal life with the Lord. Put your foot down with your wife. Tell her that effective immediate, she is a full time mom at home homeshooling your kids. Take no guff, your kids lives may be on the line. If you currently works outside the home and she won't call and quit, you call her boss and quit for her.

The Lord our God, Messiah Yeshua be with you all, may He give you to courage to do what is right in His sight and help you leave the crowd, take your kids out of the public schools, find a solid bible preaching God fearing pastor and church family and lead yourself and your family to the God of Life and Light, Christ Jesus.


God blessed America when she feared Him, now it appears, she may face His wrath.


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