Thoughts of a baby in the womb
by "Rachel Burns"

Mommy keep me safe,
Mommy keep me warm,
Handle me with all your love,
Mommy keep me from harm.

I'm only six weeks old today,
This birthday gift to me,
A pair of bright blue eyes,
That someday you will see.
I've barely got ears,
A little puppy nose,
and at the end of my feet,
Little things called toes.
Looking forward to my life,
toys, teddy bears, snails,
and long fairy tales.

Where are we going mommy,
in a bath, on a bus ride or,
perhaps far away.
Where are we going being pushed
at all force.
How funny it feels passing through
people dressed in green,
if they hurt you mommy just scream.

What's happening mommy,
I'm starting to cry,
Mommy come quickly,
they're making me die,
Killing me slowly,
Pulling me apart,
everything inside of me
even my heart,
Bye mommy, good-bye
But how I wanted to see
the grass, the trees,
hear a sweet song,
feel a sweet breeze.

Bye mommy
I love you
I really do
I just wish you could have loved me too.

No, it's not a choice,

it is a baby!

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On September 11th, 2001, terrorist attacked the USA killing 2500 men, women, and children.
Everyday, mothers in the USA kill over 5,000 of their babies. They kill their babies using pills and surgery.
They kill these little ones while the baby sleeps in the supposed safety of her womb.
The baby is trapped, the baby has no where to run, no where to hide, and the only person in the world that can help him or her is the one that takes the pill or takes him or her to a butcher to be slaughtered, ripped apart and sold for body parts.
Before you kill your baby, ask yourself this:
What did my baby do?
Why am I killing my baby?
What my baby do that is so bad that I am going to kill him?

It's sad, but in the last 360 days since Sept. 11-2001, terrorist have killed 3008 men, women and children in the USA. But, in that same 360 days, 1,505,000 babies have been murdered by abortion, while they were trapped in the supposed safety of their mothers wombs. Some of the babies where killed by pills in the first thirty days of pregnancy, others were killed by partial birth abortions in the last thirty days of pregnancy.
I have to ask, what did those babies do that caused them to be killed? What was their crime? What did they do that they were punished by being ripped apart or slowly destroyed by being eaten up with a salt solution?

They say, "be pro-choice" well, I say you have a choice.

Below are two pictures, they will show the results of the choice you make concerning the life of your baby:

This is what your baby will look like thirty days after he or she is born, if you choose to let your baby life.

Below is what your baby will look like if you have him or her slaughtered by an abortionist.

As the mom, it is your choice:

The abortionist makes a lot of money off of your dead baby, it sells the parts of your baby piece by piece.

Keep in mind, the baby was yours, it is you that will be haunted by what you have done to your baby till the day you die, but, the profits are the abortionist. Vaccines made from your aborted baby, and then forced on other children.

Today's daily Christian thought by Pastor Bob Celeste MCAC

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Is abortion the unpardonable sin mentioned in Mark chapter three? Are abortionist and abortion supporters damned for all eternity? My study of the Word of God leads me to believe the answer is an unequivocal ...YES!

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If you are still thinking about killing your baby, see what you're really doing by clicking here. If these pictures do not prove to you that it is a baby and not just some glob of tissue and fail to make you sick to your stomach, you're not human.

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