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Bob Celeste

phone: 207-583-4511 e-mail: bob.celeste@yahoo.com

For $25.00 per hour, I do small electrical jobs, small plumbing jobs, interior painting, small carpentry jobs and installation and servicing of alternative energy units from batteries and inverters to solar and wind.

Small electrical jobs include replacing outlets and switches, overhead lighting, ceiling fans, and garage door openers.

Small plumbing includes installation, repair and replacement of valves, faucets, garbage disposals, water purification and/or softening equipment. It also includes replacing and installing both fresh water and drain pipes and plumbing.

With interior painting and exterior painting, I can either do the whole job or I can do what is called cutting in, and you can roll the walls and other flat surfaces. Cutting in is doing the painting around doors, windows, between the ceiling and walls, etc.

Alternative energy systems are demonstrated by the pictures below. Below is the 2750 watt system that has a peak of 5500 watts that powers my house when we experience a power outage.

The system below can be charged with an AC generator, DC generator, solar, wind, CMP or even your car or truck. The unit pictured below will supply plenty of power for 24 to 48 hours of use for lights, refrigerator, computer, televison and radio between charges.

The above 2 pictures: 2750 constant watt/5500 peak watt inverter, rewired battery charger, and 8 six volt deep cycle DC batteries

The inverter takes stored DC power, the kind your car or truck uses, and converts it to household usable AC power.

Rewired, for faster stronger charging in less time, 12/24 volt battery charger

To arrange to have some work done or for more information:
Bob Celeste
207-583-4511 bob.celeste@yahoo.com